Chris Turner

British Comedian and Rapper.

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For UK enquiries, contact Shaun Almey at Fluid Thinking

For USA enquiries, contact Tim Sarkes, Alex Murray and Seth Jacobs at Brillstein Entertainment Partners

For College Show enquiries, contact Melissa Beer at Rebelle Events

Blisteringly quick, bitesized freestyle rap challenges, set by people from all walks of life. 100% Freestyle is your quick-fire dose of jaw-dropping improvised hip-hop, conjured up by one of the nimblest minds in freestyle rap. Each episode sees award-winning comedian and Edinburgh Fringe stalwart Chris Turner challenged by a member of the public to rap about any three words or topics that they can think of - no matter how difficult, niche, or unrhyme-able!

In just a few minutes, we meet the individual, learn a fact or two about them, and as soon as the challenge is set, Chris weaves a whirlwind of words to knit them all together, leaving his guest crying with laughter, staring dumbstruck, or just plain confused. 100% Freestyle - fast, fresh and funny raps that will have you questioning how one man’s brain can work so quickly.

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